Model portfolios FAQ

Q. What is a modeling portfolio?

A. A modeling portfolio is a set of professional pictures that helps you in getting the best modelling assignments. How many pictures you need varies but the industry standard for an initial book is around ten to fifteen. Models should always aim for quality not quantity. A versatile portfolio should have a casual or styled headshot, body photos, fashion photos, editorial photos and even catalog pictures. Normally hundreds of studio and location photos are taken for the final selections and the shoot times are in the region of around 4-5 hours.


Q. What does a portfolio shoot with Mardo entail?

A. Mardo and his experienced shoot team will assist you in every step of the way. After your initial shoot consultation with Mardo your shoot will be booked on the most convenient date for all parties involved. Your professional makeup artist for the day will be provided for makeup changes and wardrobe will be provided or assisted only depending on client request. A basic shoot consists of a beauty look and three fashion looks (commercial, high fashion or both). Mardo will assist in all poses from basic to the more advanced to achieve your desired effect. After your shoot day your photos will be retouched, printed and mounted in a professional modeling portfolio folder and ready for collection in two to three weeks.


Q. Shooting with a quality photographer

A. Experienced model and fashion photographers have accumulated the knowledge on how to make you look your best in pictures and the results are portfolios that fetch better modeling opportunities. Model agencies are also very picky on the photos that they will use and they understand the power behind good photo shoots. In the fashion industry professionalism is everything and getting the best assignments rely on the model looking his/her best at all times. Make sure to contact me first for an industry related quote.


Q. How big are portfolio photos printed?

A. The sizes are normally 8 x 12, 8×10, 8.5×11, 9×12, 11×14 depending on what the model and /or model agency require.